Sports and Facilities


-Men's Soccer
-Women's Soccer
-Men's Basketball
-Women's Basketball
-Women's Volleyball
-Triathlon (See below)




-A certified referee will be provided.
-Games will be carefully arranged so they are as evenly matched as possible. There is the opportunity to play against some of the best teams in Costa Rica or teams of more amateur levels, depending on the skill level of the visiting team.
-Teams must make reservations at least one month in advance, to ensure adequate time for matches to be scheduled.

HPS Costa Rica recognizes that regular training is of the utmost importance for athletes to remain in peak condition while away from their home country. Therefore in your schedule, we include visits to the gym as often as the coaches request.

-University of Costa Rica Gym
-Amadita High School Gym
-Coronado's Municipal Gym
-El Labrador Stadium in San Isidro de Coronado
-Dulce Nombre de Coronado Field
(Home of the National Women’s Soccer League Champions)

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HPS is the ideal way to visit Costa Rica.

Sports teams will have the experience of a lifetime as they compete against athletes from another country, take in Costa Rica's breathtaking scenery, and make a difference in the local community through volunteering.

The best part is, teams can travel with ease, knowing every aspect of their trip is taken care of. HPS provides accommodation, meals, transportation, sports games, and activities all in a single package at an affordable price!

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Our philosophy is based upon simplicity. The idea is that once you arrive you can just relax and enjoy your time in Costa Rica.

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